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ZFD Mini Inventory 2.44

Minimal Inventory Data Scanner for Novell ZENworks for Desktops...

Minimal Inventory Data Scanner for Novell ZENworks for Desktops ZENworks Asset InventoryZFD Mini Inventory Scanner gathers basic hardware and software inventory data from a workstation and writes them to the appropriate eDirectory attributes of the workstation object (similar to ZFD 4.

x Inventory or higher). This can be useful in (at least) two cases:you are moving from ZENworks for Desktops Inventory to ZENworks Asset Inventory and want to keep the minimal inventory data on the workstation objects up to date (ZENworks Asset Inventory does not maintain these attributes)you are using ZENworks for Desktops 6.

5 and want to maintain the asset tag information on the workstation object (ZFD 6. 5 has a bug that clears this value, ZFD 4. x and 7. x are not affected).

In asset tag only-mode, ZFD Mini Inventory does not require any licensing, see documentation on how to configure the software to run in this mode.

ZFD Mini Inventory Scanner features an (optional) enhanced mode that reformats some values for better readability and adds additional information to the minimal inventory data, e.

g. ZFD Agent version and screen resolution details. Currently direct eDirectory access via Novell Client32 is required, LDAP support is planned but not yet available (if you need it, please drop me a line), ZENworks Middle Tier support is neither available nor planned.

Licensing is per workstation tree, you will need one license for each tree where workstation objects reside (unlimited number of workstations per tree).

If you order multiple licenses at once you can specify all tree names in one single order and the same license file will be valid for all your trees.

If you want a unique license file per tree please order licenses one by one and specify only one tree per order. Usually a single license file for all your trees is much more convenient and the best choice.

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ZFD Mini Inventory


ZFD Mini Inventory 2.44

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